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3 Day Eventing Synopis

Eventing, a very successful Olympic sport for Great Britain,  is the ultimate test of horse and rider and it combines the three disciplines of dressage, show jumping and cross-country to produce an overall winner. In each phase horse and rider incur penalty points, which are added together and the winner is the one with the lowest points. At one day events all three phases take place on the same day, at three-day events each discipline is held on a different day for a total of the three-days, thus its name.


The first phase is dressage, which is a set of compulsory movements in an arena judged by one or more judges. Each movement is marked out of ten, and the judges are looking for balance, rhythm, suppleness and obedience of the horse, and harmony with the rider.



Burghley 2013Show Jumping 
The show jumping phase is one round of jumping with a maximum time allowed. Penalties are incurred for fences that are knocked down, refused, falls of horse or rider and exceeding the time allowed.




_Q9Y2653Cross Country
The cross-country phase is run over a course of natural obstacles. Penalties are incurred for refusals, falls and exceeding the time allowed.

For horses to move up through the grades from Novice to Advanced level they are awarded points for a top ten placing at each level.

The sport has an ideal, good clean image, where men and women compete on equal terms, while the genuine amateur can compete against World and Olympic champions.

Events take place in some of the most spectacular settings in the countryside and offer visitors a unique experience – outdoor activity, action at close quarters and something for all the family.

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